• Exploration & Upstream

    Dredging, Piling and Trenching

    Well Servicing Equipment

    Drilling and Well Completion Equipment

    Hydrographic, Meteorological, Seismic, DP and Survey

    Project Management, Consultancy

    Lifting Equipment, Cranes and Winches

    ROVs, Diving Apparatus and Vision Systems

    Subsea Production and Well Equipment

    Rock Dumping

  • Production & Refining

    Reservoir and Production Monitoring

    Chemicals, Fluids and Lubricants

    Flare Systems and Equipment

    Cables, Umbilicals and Accessories

    Bulk and Materials Handling Systems

    Corrosion, Cathodic Protection, Coatings and Insulation

    Fabrication, Manufacturing and Repair Yards

    Hydraulics and Electromechanical Equipment

    Linings, Seals and Gaskets

    Steel, Special Metals, Composites and Welding Alloys

    Valves and Actuators

    Pumps and Compressors

    Power Generation and Propulsion

    Processing, Separation, Filtration and Water Treatment

  • Distribution & Downstream

    Pipelines and Piping Components

    FPSO Vessels and Equipment

    LNG Processing, Transport Vessels & Terminals

    Pipeline Inspection and Maintenance

    Mooring, Chains, Ropes and Anchors

  • Technology



    Computer Hardware and Software

    Controls, Consoles and Panels

    Lighting / Workplace Illumination

  • Health & Safety and Environment

    Professional Services, Training and Classification

    Emergency Control and Shutdown Systems

    Fire Protection Systems and Materials

    Inspection, Maintenance and Repair

    Environmental and Oil Spill Response Equipment

    Survival, Safety and Protection

* This exhibit profile list is not exhaustive. It is intended as a guide only.