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Pertamina builds projects valued at US$20 trillion in eastern Indonesia

Pertamina builds projects valued at US$20 trillion in eastern Indonesia

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – State-owned oil company PT Pertamina has built 29 strategic projects worth Rp20 trillion in eastern Indonesia.

The projects could be divided into four categories – oil fuel (BBM) terminal and pipelines, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) terminal, aircraft fuel filling depot and other supporting facilities.

Vice President Corporate Communication of Pertamina Adiatma Sardjito said Pertamina allocated more than Rp36 trillion for capital spending and Rp20 trillion of which were used to build strategic projects mainly in eastern Indonesia.

Among the strategic projects are to strengthen distribution of BBM and LPG especially in eastern Indonesia and support government programs such as BBM in the same price all over the country and conversion of kerosene to LPG, Adiatma said.

He said of the 29 strategic projects , 10 units were valued at Rp4.9 trillion for BBM terminal and pipeline to improve efficiency.

Four projects of them are located in eastern Indonesia including BBM terminal in Maumere, BBM terminal in Bau-bau, BBM terminal in Biak and stock piling tanks in 14 locations in eastern Indonesia.

The 12 units of LPG terminal valued at Rp10 trillion were built to support the program of conversion of kerosene into LPG all over Indonesia.

In eastern Indonesia alone, Pertamina built 4 Terminals of LPG Pressurized in Bima, Kupang, Wayame and Jayapura, Adiatma said.

Reported by Afut Syafril
Editing by A Saragih
Editor: Otniel Tamindael

source: https://en.antaranews.com/news/116933/pertamina-builds-projects-valued-at-us20-trillion-in-eastern-indonesia