Since the economic crisis of 2008 followed by the oil price crisis in 2014, most if not all oil and gas companies realized that the high-oil-price environment is over and that the uncertainty in the industry is real and that it will be a future that all industry players will have to face. The uncertainty is the result of many factors, from fundamentals like supply-demand to political tension that the world faces, from market speculation to the global pandemic struggle. To survive, oil and gas companies must not only transform their sources of revenue and diversify their portfolios, but also be efficient, agile, and embrace the exponential pace of technological advancement of the last few decades.

Back in 2016, after the big oil price crash of 2014-2015, McKinsey & Co released an article called “The Oil and Gas Organization of the Future”. In the article, McKinsey & Co stated five ideas how an Oil and Gas company could survive any downturn or crisis,

  • Organizational agility
  • Digital organization
  • The millennial-managed organization
  • The decentralized company
  • A redefinition of what’s its core


Digital technology transformation was a crucial part of the idea as the industry will continuously face many challenges ahead.

The Webinar “Digital Transformation in Oil and Gas Industry, to boost efficiency and the key factor in investment attractiveness” will elaborate the importance of digitalization in Oil and Gas businesses, the benefits of technology such as real time Remote Monitoring, Automation and Artificial Intelligence, the strength in Big Data implementation as well as a secure and solid IT network: In short, modernizing your assets using the latest in technological advancement in the global oil and gas sector today. This modernization, however, is, in the era of collaborations, mergers, and acquisitions, a key factor in increasing investment attractiveness. Investors are looking for more efficient and sustainable business that can sail through the challenges ahead.

The webinar will bring world leaders in the digital industry, major Oil and Gas players as well as policy makers together in one event to discuss the many opportunities in the Indonesian Oil and Gas Industry and the way forward for Indonesia to strengthen our energy backbone with efficiency and a favourable investment climate through digital transformation.


Dedi Sunardi*

Direktur Penunjang Bisnis – Pertamina Persero

Kathy Jiang*

Global Alliance Director at AVEVA

Panji Wasmana,

Director – National Technology Officer Microsoft Indonesia

Nurudin, ST.,

Technical Specialist PT Pertamina Lubricants

*to be confirmed


Moshe Rizal Eng. Ind. MSc.

Secretary General – ASPERMIGAS

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